What Implant Dentistry Offers Patients

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What does someone who suffers tooth loss have to look forward to? The answer will depend on what they do to address the problem. Leaving your smile incomplete means living with limitations on your bite, accepting a higher risk for losing more teeth, and becoming vulnerable to jawbone deterioration. However, when you resolve this problem through the placement and restoration of a dental implant, you can avoid these difficulties. Our Savannah, GA periodontal practice can help you understand just how much good your dental implant can do for your appearance, health, and quality of life. We can also help you understand what is involved in the placement and restorations processes, as well as what you can do to maintain your smile after treatment.

How Much Can Prosthetic Dentistry Do For Someone With An Incomplete Smile?

Tooth loss affects the way you look, but it is not merely a matter of cosmetic concern. Unfortunately, several issues can affect someone who has experienced the loss of just one tooth. Neighboring teeth are more likely to shift and become lost, your bite function can suffer, and you can gradually lose density in your jaw. The longer it takes you to close that gap in your smile, the more vulnerable you become to complications. A meeting with your periodontist to discuss plans to address what was lost can lead to meaningful improvements.

Using Dental Implants To Support Permanent, Lifelike Restorations

Implant dentistry takes on problems linked to both the loss of your crown (the portion of your tooth that is visible above the gumline) and your roots. Other prosthodontic solutions that forgo implant placement can lack benefits for your jaw health and neighboring tooth stability. On its own, the implant helps keep neighboring roots stable, and it will stimulate the surrounding jaw tissues to return nutrient flow to the area. With the stability it offers your prosthetic tooth, you can find that biting and chewing feel natural again. You can also appreciate how a lifelike restoration makes you more comfortable with your smile.

Taking Care Of Your Smile After Addressing Tooth Loss

Whether your issues with tooth loss have to do with advanced gum disease or another cause, it is important to focus on oral health maintenance after prosthodontic work. On a daily basis, keep up with good oral hygiene to protect teeth and your restorative work from oral bacteria. Keep up with regular dental exams as well so that you enjoy feedback on your well-being.

Talk To Your Savannah, GA Periodontist About Implant Dentistry!

The positive effects of implant dentistry can help you move past your struggles with tooth loss. If you would like to find out more about this service or any other that we provide, call our Savannah, GA periodontal practice at 912-352-4867.

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