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3 Reasons To Choose Implant Dentistry

senior man holding up three fingers dentistry list conceptChoosing how to take on tooth loss is important for several reasons. The work you undergo to regain your complete smile will help you feel confident in your appearance again. With the right approach, it can also support your bite strength and oral health, providing many long-term benefits. At our Savannah, GA periodontal practice, we can help you understand the advantages to choosing implant dentistry. This approach relies on the careful placement of your implant. This titanium-made appliance is set directly in your jawbone so that it can support your replacement tooth. When you have this support, you can feel more comfortable biting and chewing, and you enjoy more protection for neighboring teeth. In the long term, you also benefit because your restoration can remain in good condition longer, and because you can preserve your jawbone health.

1. Your Prosthetic Treatment Can Protect You Against Jawbone Deterioration

The support you gain from a permanent prosthetic appliance is important. With that said, some approaches to care provide more support than others. When your treatment involves the placement and restoration of a dental implant, you can actually protect yourself against long-term jawbone resorption. This is a problem that stems from a loss of stimulation from teeth roots. When the stimulation ceases, the signal to your body to deliver nutrients to the bone is lost. Patients who choose other prosthodontic solutions can find that restorations feel less comfortable over time because their jaw is changing in size as it deteriorates.

2. Treatment Will Improve Your Oral Health And Bite Strength

The teeth that surround an empty space in your smile are more likely to shift and loosen because they have less support. A prosthetic solution that only covers the space above your gumline can help, but the roots below still have less stability. Your implant addresses this gap, providing more stability and limiting movement. Because your treatment solution gives you enough security to bite and chew with your restoration, you can also enjoy the support needed to enjoy a richer variety of foods.

3. You Can Enjoy More Long-Term Support From Your Restoration

Problems like advanced gum disease and tooth loss can be tough to ignore. Fortunately, the right professional help controls risks and lets you go longer without worrying over your smile. With a dental implant-held restoration instead of a dental bridge, you can go longer without worrying about your restoration. While a dental bridge tends to require replacement approximately every ten years, your implant-supported solution can last up to twice as long!

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Through the right restoration of your incomplete smile, you can gain many welcome oral health and cosmetic benefits. For more information, call our Savannah, GA dental office at (912) 352-4867.