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Periodontal Plastic Surgery

Our advanced clinical techniques and technology enable us to dramatically enhance the function, appearance, and even your oral hygiene efforts with periodontal plastic surgery. Surgically removing tissue that has been altered by gum disease or reconstructing the gums and adjacent tissues to create a better structure of support for the teeth can help to produce a smile that is healthier and more attractive.

The appearance of your gums can play a major role in the way that your smile looks and feels. With a variety of surgical procedures, we can transform your smile in ways that make you feel so much better about yourself.

Periodontal Plastic Surgery Procedures

Crown Lengthening – Short teeth and a gummy smile can be corrected by surgically removing the excess gum tissue to uncover more of the hidden tooth structure. The gumline can also be sculpted to bring balance and symmetry to your smile.

Gum Graft Surgery – Receding gums that have exposed the roots of one or more teeth can make the teeth appear to be too long. With gum graft surgery, the roots of the affected teeth can be covered and reinforced to resist root decay or further recession.

Ridge Augmentation – Indentations in the gums and jawbone can develop when the natural teeth are missing. With ridge augmentation surgery, it is possible to fill in the defects and recapture the natural contours of the mouth.

Learn More about Periodontal Plastic Surgery

Periodontal plastic surgery can be a comfortable and rewarding approach to the conditions that concern you about your smile. Our surgical techniques are sophisticated and incredibly meticulous, affording us great success in reconstructing and regenerating gingival tissues that have been destroyed or are unattractive. For true success, we incorporate clinical expertise, experience, scientific knowledge and certain artistic elements. However, the ultimate measure of our success will be dictated by your feelings about your improved smile.

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Common Periodontal Plastic Surgery questions

Functional crown lengthening is a surgical intervention in which a periodontist removes excess gum tissue and some underlying bone tissue in order to expose more biological tooth structure. It may be performed to expose more of a tooth that is broken or decayed beneath the gumline in order to place a restoration. Crown lengthening can also improve the appearance of a patient with a “gummy” smile or to address an uneven gumline. Functional crown lengthening can be used along the entire gumline or just along a small, problematic stretch of the gumline.