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Dental surgery: What should I expect at the initial consultation?

dental surgery Savannah GA

Dental surgery is a fairly vague term; there are surgical procedures from tooth extraction to cosmetic improvements. A consultation usually involves a preliminary discussion to determine what is required; a review of the patient’s overall health; a thorough oral examination; and finally a comprehensive treatment plan should be presented that outlines exactly what is involved in the procedure to be performed; how many dental visits will be needed; required postoperative treatment; and anticipated investment.

Depending on the type of dental surgery involved, the patient may see an oral surgeon or a periodontist. No matter what type of specialist is performing your treatment, a basic program schedule is followed:

First Appointment (consultation):

Why is the patient seeking treatment? Is it necessary or selective? Generally a discussion ensues so the dental provider can assess the overall condition of the patient. Things like anxiety levels will reveal to the periodontist what type of sedation should be employed.

A preliminary oral examination is needed so the discussion can continue. In order for the dental provider to present an accurate treatment plan, dental x-rays are often taken.

Type of sedation … in some cases a local anesthetic may suffice. More extensive surgery may call for some type of sedation. If the patient suffers from anxiety, oral sedation may be a better fit than a local anesthetic; for more extensive surgical procedures, sleep sedation may be recommended.

Oral and sleep sedation have more extensive requirements such as the patient will need reliable transportation; additionally, it is always a good idea for someone to remain with the patient for a few hours upon their return home.

Post operative needs will be discussed such as when the patient can return to work or school; what type of diet will be needed; medication that will be needed for pain or infection control; and whether follow-up visits will be required.

Finally, what can the patient expect from the final result. Oral health is linked to overall health, so will this dental procedure improve oral health? Usually the response to this question is a resounding “yes”; even a procedure to enhance your smile is advantageous in boosting self-confidence.

Your initial consultation may provoke more questions, but you should leave this appointment with a wealth of information allowing you to make a decision about treatment going forward. To learn more, call our office today!