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Fixed Dentures That Act Like Natural Teeth

savannah fixed dentures

When you have sustained the loss of several teeth, or all of them, then you need replacement that looks and acts like natural teeth. Our team can provide treatment to manage gum disease and also support a full set of teeth with implant dentures. Our Savannah, GA periodontal practice wants to offer a fixed set of implant dentures and will talk about what to expect in our latest blog.

The Connection Between Gum Disease and Edentulism

How does periodontal disease cause tooth loss? Well, when the disease reaches the advanced stage, known as periodontitis, this can sever the tissues that connect your teeth and gums. Once these tissues are destroyed, this leads to lost teeth. In fact, this is the number one cause of adult tooth loss. Once your body notices these teeth are gone, it stops sending doses of key nutrients to the jaw. Without these regular doses of calcium and phosphorus, the jaw loses mass and density and begins to shrink, breaking down to cause further tooth loss and an older appearance. This could also leave the jaw too weak to receive dental implant dentures! But our team can address tooth loss and halt the degradation of your jaw and facial features.

Planning the Placement of Dental Implants

To begin, we will offer care to manage the disease so it doesn’t cause implant failure. We also take detailed digital images of your smile, including x-rays, so we can plan the placement of your dental implants. We want to make sure your jaw can support them, and choose the best angle, position, and depth to insert these posts. Made from biocompatible titanium, these act as new roots and prevent the radon of the jaw, allowing the flow of nutrients to the jaw to resume. Once these are in place, we can move forward with addressing the denture portion, the part people see and the part that restores function to your smile again.

Completing Your Fixed Prosthetic

The denture portion is of course custom-made to ensure a lifelike appearance and a comfortable fit. For some, we could attach a temporary in the same visit, while others may need to wait for the placement area to heal. The prosthetic will be fixed in place, so you don’t remove it for cleaning or soaking, and they can last for decades to come. You have teeth that never slip and will be easy to care for. If you have any questions about how we support a full smile with dental implant dentures, then contact our team today.

Talk to Your Savannah, GA Periodontist About Treating Missing Teeth

We want to help you maintain a full smile with dental implants, and healthy gums too. If you would like to find out more about lifelike tooth replacement, call our Savannah, GA periodontal office at (912) 352-4867.