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Improving Your Smile With Periodontal Plastic Surgery

savannah periodontal plastic surgery

Periodontal disease can lead to serious trouble for your smile, issues that impact both the health and beauty of your teeth and gums. For example, you could suffer from serious gum recession, tooth loss, and more. But with periodontal plastic surgery, Our Savannah, GA periodontal practice can help you enjoy optimal oral health again!

The Impact of Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease could develop due to poor oral health, a family history of the disease, inflammatory illness, or even the use of certain medications. Without treatment, this could grow in severity and eventually reach a stage known as periodontitis, which is linked to serious gum recession and adult tooth loss. When the disease has reached a more severe stage, you may need treatment to address the impacts of the disease, correcting issues with gum recession or even tooth loss, which can weaken the jawbone and limit your ability to receive replacement options like dental implants. With periodontal plastic surgery, we can restore health and beauty to your smile again.

Gum Grafts

When you have gum recession your teeth could appear long and uneven, and your exposed tooth roots could lead to cavities and infections, not to mention a greater risk of tooth loss. With periodontal plastic surgery, we can repair the smile. Gum grafts involve adding tissues taken from other parts of your smile to the exposed roots. They bond with the gums and provide a new gum line, one we ensure is symmetry, so your smile is healthier, stronger, and looks great too.

Ridge Augmentation

When you lose your natural teeth due to the advanced stage of periodontal disease, this could cause the jaw to break down, as the body stops sending calcium and phosphates to the areas without tooth roots. The breakdown could mean further tooth loss and an aged appearance, and also limit your tooth replacement options. But we can rebuild these weakened portions of your smile! With ridge augmentation, our team will use surgery to apply new tissues to these weakened areas, with bone taken from the rear of your jaw, your hips or knee, or from synthetic sources. This augments and fortifies the jaw, so it is stronger. Placing dental implants then keeps the jawbone strong and prevents further loss of mass and density.

Crown Lengthening

If you have excess gingival tissues on display, your teeth can appear short and uneven. Our team can help with a crown lengthening procedure, in which we remove excess tissues and gently reshape the gum line, improving smile beauty in one visit.

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