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Receding Gums: Are Dental Implants Still An Option?

gum disease, dental implant

With so many advances in modern dental technology and implant dentistry, there are few obstacles that cannot be overcome. To replace a missing tooth, almost anything is possible. Any condition that could possibly have a negative impact on your dental implant can be successfully treated prior to the placement of the implant.

Patients who have receding gums can still choose dental implants to replace their missing teeth. It is true that a critical factor to the success of your dental implant is the ability of the implant to be properly supported by the jaw bone and the gum tissue. When the gums have receded, there can be a significant loss of support.

In conjunction with your dental implant procedure, your implant dentist may recommend a grafting procedure. Grafting is the addition of supplemental bone or gum tissue near and around the dental implant. In some cases, the graft is performed several months in advance, in preparation for the dental implant. In other cases, the graft is performed at the time that the implant is placed.

The gum and bone tissue used for grafting can be generated by the implant patient, cultivated from a cadaver, or selected from an assortment of synthetic materials. Your dentist will need to select the type of graft that will be best for your particular needs and discuss the recommendation with you.

After your dental implant is in place, protecting the implant, gums, and bone will be a high priority. It is imperative that both the patient and the implant dentist identify the cause of the receding gums in order to prevent future damage. Periodontal disease, inconsistent dental care, clenching or grinding and aggressive brushing have all been linked to receding gums.

You should remember that your implant dentist is multi-talented. As a problem-solver, artist and scientist, your dentist can improve the prognosis for your dental implant with the use of various procedures and therapies.

To find out how your implant dentist can reverse the effects of receding gums, call the office of Dr. Benjamin T. Duval and schedule your consultation today.