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Trusting Gum Treatment To Laser Tools

woman at treatment laser dentistry conceptTreating gum disease is important, because an infection that is not managed can significantly impact your health and appearance over time. The sensitivity of our gums can make caring for these tissues uncomfortable. Fortunately, laser dentistry enables us to do important work while also making the treatment experience better! At our Savannah, GA periodontal practice, we depend on lasers to do work that affects your gums. By choosing this over manual treatment, we can more effectively target sensitive areas and protect healthy gums, limit bleeding, and improve your comfort and recovery!

Why We Rely On Lasers Instead Of Manual Tools

By making the leap from traditional periodontal care to a practice that relies on laser tools to treat your gums, you gain several benefits. One is that we can work with more precision when using laser tools. What this means is that your surrounding healthy tissues are not affected, but the area of concern is still fully treated. Lasers limit damage as well as bleeding, so you are more comfortable after treatment and will not require suturing to heal properly. These improvements also lead to shorter and easier healing, so your recovery time is more pleasant.

What Laser Treatments For Your Gums Can Include

There are different procedures we can provide while using laser tools. Cosmetic changes through soft tissue recontouring can be done with these tools. This kind of work can reveal more of your teeth when they appear squat or short, and it can even out tissues that look awkward or bumpy. We can also perform tumor removals and biopsies, making these services easier and more comfortable. In addition to the gums, lasers can treat the soft tissue ligaments at the base of the tongue and the insides of the lips.

The Long-Term Importance Of Periodontal Health

If you are disregarding your need for gum treatment, you make yourself vulnerable to several alarming conditions. One is tooth loss, as an infection will gradually destroy the tissues that support teeth. You should know that in addition to affecting your mouth, there are links that connect gum disease with serious general health risks, including heart disease and dementia.

Talk To Your Savannah, GA Periodontist About Gum Treatments With Laser Tools

The right treatment office can be key when you want to make sure your gums are being protected. Our practice can improve the patient experience in significant ways by offering treatments with laser tools. Lasers are a more conservative and comfortable solution when caring for sensitive areas, and they can offer better, shorter recovery times. If you would like more information on the benefits of trusting your gum treatment to laser tools, please reach out to our Savannah, GA periodontal office at (912) 352-4867.