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Changes Made With Periodontal Plastic Surgery

man with nice smile periodontal plastic surgery conceptYour periodontal health impacts your overall well-being in a number of ways. Tooth loss and general health problems are two big concerns, but they are not the only problems you can face. Our Savannah, GA periodontal practice takes on a range of issues, including those issues with gum disease that lead to cosmetic problems. Through periodontal plastic surgery, we can correct issues with tissue recession and even the changes in your face and jaw structure after tooth loss. We also provide cosmetic crown lengthening treatment, which means we can address excess gum tissues in order to reveal more of your tooth structure.

 Periodontal Plastic Surgery Can Improve Your Appearance And Health

Cosmetic smile care can change more than just teeth. There are times when a person’s ideal smile can be achieved through periodontal services. Periodontal plastic surgery refers to treatments that aim to correct issues with the gums that hurt how you look. They range from work to expose more of your tooth structure through the removal of periodontal tissues to treatments that respond to the visible effects of poor gum health. We can perform a review and discuss your goals for treatment in order to provide the right care approach for you.

Types Of Periodontal Plastic Surgery We Can Perform

There are different forms of periodontal plastic surgery that we can provide, including:

  • Crown lengthening, a service that reveals more of your tooth structure when you have bulky or uneven gum tissues that make teeth appear too short or squat.
  • Gum graft surgery, which responds to the exposure of teeth roots due to gum recession. Covering the roots can give you back confidence in how you look, and it also ensures that these sensitive portions of the tooth structure are protected.
  • Ridge augmentation, which responds to the formation of indentations in the gums and jawbone after tooth loss.

In addition to taking on cosmetic concerns with these services, we do help with tooth loss by providing dental implants. Implants make the permanent securing of lifelike replacement teeth possible, leading to positive smile changes and oral health benefits.

We Offer Advanced Services To Help Patients With Poor Periodontal Health Make Major Improvements

Poor periodontal health can have a serious toll on your well-being, smile, and quality of life. As an experienced specialist in matters related to gum health, Dr. Duval can assist you in regaining confidence in the way you look, and he can respond to health concerns that arise from your condition.

Talk To Your Savannah, GA Periodontist About Periodontal Plastic Surgery

Through periodontal plastic surgery, our practice can help you regain confidence in the way you look! For more information on these and other services we offer, call our Savannah, GA periodontal practice at (912) 352-4867.