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Dental Implants For the Completely Edentulous

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To be completely edentulous, or without any natural teeth, is a condition for which one can never be fully prepared. It’s a condition that never feels normal, and it presents an ongoing challenge for a significant portion of our society. Anyone with dentures can tell you that the simple act of eating or speaking can fill you with anxiety as you feel like everyone in the vicinity can see your false teeth more than they can see you.

That’s because traditional dentures can tend to feel like a foreign object in your mouth, day after day. They can feel like you’re wearing shoes that just don’t fit or glasses that were made for someone else, and no amount of denture glue or adjustments can provide the long-term relief that you desire.

Fortunately, your dental implant dentist can provide you with a solution that immediately allows you to take your mind off of your teeth and begin focusing on the art of living! By incorporating dental implants with the foundation of a traditional denture, your dentist can provide you with a smile that no longer feels as though it belongs to someone else.

With All-on-4 implants, your denture can be anchored with four dental implants for permanent stability. It’s exciting to know that you’ll be able to enjoy your new smile on the very same day that the implants are placed. Today, immediate dental implant function is a widely accepted treatment method for permanently replacing missing teeth in edentulous patients.

The ability to immediately rehabilitate a patient who has experienced total tooth loss with hybrid prosthesis represents a viable treatment solution as an alternative to more invasive and extensive surgical procedures. In fact, All-on-4 implants is a minimally invasive technique that is safe for virtually all edentulous patients, regardless of age or sex, who are determined to be in relatively good health.

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