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Improving Smile Beauty With Periodontal Treatments

savannah periodontal treatment

Our team provides periodontal care to help prevent or manage gum disease, so your smile stays strong and whole. But we also take the beauty of your smile into account. With Periodontal Plastic Surgery, our Savannah, GA periodontal practice can offer a more attractive smile, from treating gum recession to conducting a crown lengthening.

Crown Lengthening

When you have a smile that is gummy, meaning you show off too much gingival tissue when you smile, this could make the teeth appear short or uneven. To improve the esthetics of your smile, we could conduct a crown lengthening procedure, in which we gently trim away excess tissues with dental lasers to reshape the gum line and improve overall symmetry and beauty. The procedure only takes one visit, and lasers prevent damage to healthy tissues while also limiting the risk of bleeding, infection, and swelling, so you also heal quicker!

Gum Grafting

When disease has caused your gums to recede, this could make them appear long and also increase the risk of tooth decay and infection, as the exposed root portions are very sensitive. Our team can improve the beauty of your smile, protect your teeth, and help manage the disease by conducting a gum grafting procedure. With gum graft surgery, we will take tissues from other portions of your smile and use them to cover the exposed portions, so we can rebuild your gum line and protect your smile. We can then manage the issue with preventive and holistic treatments moving forward to prevent further recession.

Ridge Augmentation 

When you lose your natural teeth, the body will stop sending key nutrients to the jaw, so the bone tissue begins to weaken and break down. This means further tooth loss and an older appearance. While dental implants can prevent this, you may not have enough healthy structure in place to support them. But with a ridge augmentation, we can use synthetic materials or bone tissue taken from other parts of your body to strengthen the lower jaw, rebuilding the natural contours so your smile is ready to receive dental implants!

If you have any questions about our approach to Periodontal Plastic Surgery, or if you think you benefit from one of these treatments, then please contact our team today to learn more. We want to help you enjoy your healthiest smile, one you can’t wait to show off to the world.

Talk to Your Savannah, GA Periodontist About a Periodontal Plastic Surgery

We want to offer treatment that improves the health and function of your smile, as well as overall smile beauty too. If you would like to find out more about our aesthetic treatments for your smile, call our Savannah, GA periodontal office at (912) 352-4867.