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Why are my gums inflamed even though I brush and floss daily?

gum disease SavannahHave you noticed that your gums appear more red than usual? Perhaps it looks as if your gums are pulling away (receding) from your teeth. Even if a person brushes and flosses daily, he or she can still develop gum disease. While the incidence of gum disease is certainly increased by inadequate oral hygiene, there are other contributing factors to its development. Periodontal (gum) disease can develop during times of hormonal fluctuations, when medications that have a drying effect on the mouth are used, or if a person has genetic predispositions to developing gum disease.

Am I brushing and flossing correctly?

Brushing and flossing is the foundation of preventing oral disease. Even if we brush or floss every day, we can still develop oral health problems like tooth decay and gum disease. When brushing or flossing, it is important to be mindful. It’s easy for many of us to get caught up in the routine of monotony and not focus on our actions. Practice mindfulness when performing oral hygiene by focusing on each tooth with short, gentle strokes during brushing. Do not brush too vigorously. Putting too much weight and pressure down on one’s toothbrush can cause gums to become irritated and inflamed. When flossing, be sure to thread floss around every tooth – even those at the very back of the mouth.

What are my options for treating gum disease?

If you have developed gum inflammation, you might want to schedule an appointment with a periodontist, a specialist who has advanced training and education to focus on gum health. A specialist has access to state of the art technology and tools along with intensive training and knowledge to detect the subtle intricacies of gum health. Common treatment options for periodontal disease include specialized prophylaxis, tissue grafts, antibiotics, and prescription mouth rinses.

If your dentist has referred you to our practice, we invite you to schedule an appointment with our periodontist. Our mission is to provide effective oral healthcare treatments so that patients can enjoy improved gum health.